Description: Estrotect is one of the best ways to tell when a cow is on heat. Its simple design means there is no messy glue. Just peel it off the backing paper and stick it on the cow.

Apply Estrotect to your cows following the use of CIDR devices or prostaglandin to synchronise oestrus. When cows are mounted during standing heat, the scratch off surface of the Estrotect patch is rubbed off to expose the brilliant fluoro coloured layer underneath.

The Estrotect patch is designed to indicate when the cow is in standing heat – some of the other dye capsule type detectors can be set off by a few seconds of riding. More and more of the silver Estrotect surface is removed via friction each time a cow or heifer is mounted. When more of the fluorescent colour indicator is visible than the silver scratch-off surface, the closer the cow or heifer is to standing heat.  You can glean more information from an Estrotect than a simple ‘on/off’ indicator.

Estrotect Heat Detectors are self-adhesive and are placed between the hip and tail head.  They are one of the quickest oestrus detection products to apply, as you simply peel and stick.

Full instructions come with each packet, but in summary you need keep the patches warm (inside pocket in cold weather) and clean dirt and loose hair from the animal before applying to the backbone between the tail head and the hips. Estrotect have been made for many years, and both the glue and the degree of mounting scientifically developed. Don’t settle for imitations – Estrotect is the best.

Disclaimer: Before using, consult your veterinarian for specific advice on the use of these products. Prices are subject to change without notice.